Expedite 24/7 Worldwide


Aerospace, Automotive, Ship Spares, Events, Charters & OBC

These we the industries that we have been serving since 1987 wIth Expedte services. If an aircraft b on the ground awaiting parts, automotive manufactures & manufactures in general have a production line down, a Cruise Ship or Cargo Ship Stuck at port awaiting parts. This b when CS WORLD CARGO INC. b called to provide services above and beyond to get those parts for the Aircraft that Manufacturers production line or ship owners fleet at pon etc.

Air Freight

Imagine having a production line stopped! Employees stay idle and production stops. Chartering will bring you back on line in a timely and cost effective way. We can arrange to charter the large AN 124 to a small Lear Jet to suit your needs. Our global 24/7 coverage and the ability to offer all aircraft sizes means we make sure that you will always be offered the best transportation solution available.

This may be a cost effective option to chartering. We can book your shipments on a guaranteed next flight out service. Departure times are subject to commercial airline schedules.

For your just in time operation. In cases where you need Air Freight we could schedule shipments from your suppliers' door to your door at regular intervals. This is the most economical way to Air Freight.

We can arrange large shipments via Air Freight and warehouse in our facilities. Material can then be released and delivered to your facility based on your specific product demands.

Even though we take good care in handling your cargo, Insurance offers Peace of Mind shipping. C.S. World Cargo offers insurance for all types of commercial cargo such as "All Risk" from your door, to your customer's door or "FPA" for cargos such as personal effects, etc.

C.S. World Cargo can arrange for your cargo to be Packed and Crated to confirm with the requirements of shipping by any mode i.e., Air, Sea, Truck, Rail. Our packing also conforms to standards required by different countries in the world.

C.S. World Cargo can arrange to receive your cargo in Bulk; Re-Pack, Label, Store and Distribute in any part of the world as required. E.g., receiving 20′ and 40′ containers of spices in Toronto, re-pack, label, and ship to customers across North America. This can be arranged in any part of the world with our agents and offices worldwide.